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Frequently Asked Questions

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Will your bite indicators work with Delkim TXI+ alarms?

.  Yes, because we custom build these for you, we can make them to work with all Delkim alarms

Will these work with Fox NTXR alarms?

.  Yes, our bite indicators will work with all current Fox alarms.  We do recommend having 90 degree jack plugs fitted, for alarms that have the jack plug power output on the back, like the RX+s in some of our pictures.

.  This allows the bobbin to hang nicely on your line but more importantly, reduces the strain on the internal wires of the bite indicator, when you lift into a run

Will these bite indicators work with my Sonik Vader alarms?

.  Yes, our bite indicators will work with all the current Sonik alarms

What powers the bite indicators?

.  Our bite indicators are powered by your alarm, via the 2.5mm jack plug power output

.  We also only use small 3mm ultra bright LEDs to reduce power drain as much as possible but still be bright enough to see them during the day

Will your bite indicators stay on when I select night mode on my alarms?

.  This entirely depends on the power output of your alarms.  If your alarms send power to the jack plug output when in night mode, then our bite indicators will illuminate in the same way.

   .  A good example of this is Fox RX+ alarms.  They send a low power output to the jack plug when in night mode, our bite indicators, subtly illuminate in the same way the LEDs on the alarms do.  You can see pictures of this on our social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube.  Please see link buttons at the top and bottom of the website pages

Will these bite indicators drain the battery of my alarms quickly?

.  We use small 3mm ultra bright LEDs, so power usage is minimal, whilst still providing great visible colours when you get a run

How heavy are the bite indicators?

.  The average weight of one of our bite indicators is 8g.  This will change if you choose a custom lead length though

.  We will soon have adjustable swinger arms and addable weights available too

Can I add weight to the bobbin?

.  We have had pictures from customers who have added weight , by hanging a back lead from the reinforced metal tubing section, just under the bobbin

.  We will be releasing our wind beater swingers shortly, which have an adjustable, fillable weight slider on the arm (Under final testing Jul 2022)

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