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The 1 that got away

Memories made when fishing are in my opinion some of the most positive you can make, whether it’s day fishing with the family, socials with friends or just a bit of chill out time on the bank with just yourself, the lake and the wildlife.

I was about 10 years old, course fishing on a small lake with my Dad on a hot summers day. Some times wish we could get those summers back, happy times, happy memories.

We were fishing a new lake on the recommendation from a friend of my Dad, Tony and he'd joined us that day, so we were hopeful for some good fishing action. There was a nice lily pad area to my right and I was float fishing just off the edge of it using maggot and sweetcorn.

Neither my dad or me had really fished for Carp before and Tony had told us this place was pretty well stocked. We'd fished all morning but none of the elusive Carp had taken our bait.

In the afternoon after having a few roach and perch, I took a bit of cheese from my sandwich and put it on the hook. There were no boilies or imitation baits then and not a hair-rig in sight, it was all very simple fishing, with a nice bright float and light weight line. No bite alarms or rod pods and no illuminated bite indicators. I remember just sitting there, enjoying what was left of the cheese sandwich and enjoying the warmth of the sun on my face.

Not long after casting in, the float zipped under the surface of the water, I struck into what at 10 years old, felt like Jaws! I’d hooked my 1st Carp and immediately shouted “Dad, Dad I’ve got 1!!!” half in panic, as I'd never felt anything pull a fishing line so hard in my extensive, hugely experienced fishing life...

In total surprise my Dad jumped out of his seat and dashed over to help.

The Carp’s tail broke water, it was wide and golden in the summer’s sun, an image I will never forget and slapped the surface of the lake as it powered away. It was like a scene from a BBC, David Attenborough nature program, where a killer whale slaps the surface of the see with it's tail, only this was real life and it was happening to me, totally amazing.

I hung on with all my strength, then, ping, the line snapped!

I was exhilarated and gutted all at the same time, what a strange feeling. Yet I wanted to try again, I wanted to catch one and get it to the bank, I wanted to see what could so easily break the line, as this had never happened to me before.

I’ve loved fishing and especially Carp fishing ever since and remembering days like this, makes me want to make even more of these special memories.

Now Carp fishing has completely changed and the tackle is a million times more complicated. I now love night fishing as well as occasional day time sessions, so the illuminated bite indicators are a must. I love to see exactly how much movement I get on a bobbin when a fish picks up the bait and then pauses before a run. Lying in the comfort and warmth of the bed chair at night, just looking at that lit up bobbin and urging it to move again, before jumping out to do battle with these impressively powerful fish! Creating new, positive memories every time I go fishing.

Thanks for reading.


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